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Lipińscy Domy

Lipinscy Domy is an architectural company recognizable on the Polish market with more than twenty years of tradition, created by a team of passionate people who make use of their experience, knowledge and passion for architecture in order to create catalogue house projects. We are not afraid of designing outside the box, we often implement innovative ideas and at the same time, we are willing to reach for the best known practices and good tradition. We have designed and built the first certified passive house in Poland and in the Central and Eastern Europe. Our flagship is Poland's largest collection of energy-efficient home designs, designed so that the expenditures for construction and maintenance were the most optimal and satisfying for the investor. Projects of houses that we have created stand out for their functionality, careful preparation of technical documentation, compliance with all the applicable regulations and standards, and there is also something else - they have this distinctive feature, which makes the Lipinscys projects recognizable against the background of such a huge market of finished projects. In one word – we create such houses in which we would like to live ourselves.

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